Model Career Centre (MCC) And Interlinking Of Employment Exchanges

The National Career Service (NCS) Project has envisaged setting up of Model Career Centres (MCCs), a brick and mortar model of NCS, which have state-of-the-art infrastructure and will act as a hub of career counselling and also provide career related services such as organising job fairs, mobilise the employers, provide career counselling at local level etc. in collaboration with States and other institutions to the jobseekers and employers through outreach activities. The Government provides financial assistance to the states for establishing model career centres based on the proposals and scheme guidelines. Each Model Career Centre is supported by one Young Professional engaged for management of the centre and for better coordination with the Ministry, for a period of three years (extendable up to 5 Yrs). These model career centres can be replicated by the States from their own resources.

So far, 407 MCCs (including 7 non-funded) have been approved under the NCS project. States/UTs interested to set up such MCCs will be expected to replicate services offered in these centres to other Employment Exchanges.

The MCCs are expected to connect local youth and other job seekers with all possible/available job opportunities in the vicinity. The MCCs would be undertaking outreach and counselling activities for the aspiring jobseekers. The Central Government will now provide grant-in-aid upto Rs. 60 lakh for establishment of each new MCCs as per the revised Guidelines issued to States/UTs on 16th March, 2022.

YP Scheme

Under the National Career Service (NCS) project, it was decided that the DGE will be facilitating creation of modernised infrastructure and IT enabled Model Career Centres (MCCs). These would be supported by one Young Professional (YP). This young professional allocation aims to utilize the knowledge, energy and fresh way of thinking of these young social leaders to help better transform the emerging landscape of employment services and career counselling in India. These candidates should be highly qualified, should be ready to develop a professional career as motivated and future ready individuals to successfully drive, achieve and sustain the objectives of NCS. Ministry of Labour and Employment did the first round of YP recruitment in early 2015 and the subsequent two rounds were conducted in the year 2016. The Young Professionals’ scope of work shall include, but not be limited to:

1. facilitating smooth and efficient working of Model Career Centres

2. Supporting state governments and/or private institutions partnered with the NCS in replicating this model in other centres

3. Preparing regular reports on success parameters; to be shared with DGE

4. Identifying best practices and pain areas/bottlenecks in implementing DGE schemes

5. Coordinating outreach activities in schools/colleges and conducting job-fairs including interaction with academia, local industry, manufacturing associations, training providers, counsellors and others.

The Young Professional scheme of NCSP is conceptualized and monitored by NICS Noida, which includes YP Recruitment, Training of YPs, Monitoring the work performance of YPs, Annual appraisals and contract extensions of YPs, disbursement of YPs remuneration, grant of increments etc. YP scheme was launched in 2015 and current status of YPs is given below:

YPs Currently In Position
S. No. YP Batch No. Of YPs Joined No. Of YPs Currently In Position
1 Batch 1  31  00
2 Batch 2  28  00
3 Batch 3  32  00
4 Batch 4  24  00
5 Batch 5  14  00
6 Batch 6  78  57
7 Batch 7  68  49
8 Batch 8  113  92
9 Batch 9  73  65
10 Batch 10  38  35
  Total 499 298


Young Professional: Recruitment Details
S. No. YP Batch Dates Of Recruitment Drive Venue
1 Batch 1 11th-13th June, 2015  NICS, Noida
2 Batch 2 1st-3rd April, 2016 NICS, Noida
3 Batch 2 8th-9th April, 2016 Don Bosco, Bengaluru
4 Batch 3  10th-12th August, 2016  NICS, Noida
5 Batch 3 27th August, 2016  NCSC for DA, Guwahati
6 Batch 4  23rd-25th March, 2017  NICS, Noida
7 Batch 5  10th – 12th October,2018  NICS, Noida
8 Batch 6  27th-29th April, 2022  NICS, Noida
9 Batch 6  9th -11th May, 2022  NICS, Noida
10 Batch 7  11th-15th July, 2022  NICS, Noida
11 Batch 8  22nd-25th November, 2022 NICS, Noida
12 Batch 9  13th-15th February, 2023 NICS, Noida
13 Batch 10  4th-5th July, 2023 NICS, Noida

Interlinking of Employment Exchanges:

Directorate General of Employment (DGE) provided funds for basic IT infrastructure, minor re-furbishing of the 978+ employment exchanges and for organizing job fairs at the district level on a quarterly basis. Several States/UTs already have good ICT based systems for the employment services while other states require certain infrastructure to improve accessibility of the NCS services at the employment exchanges. The Scheme contours and funding areas are as follows:

(a) One-time grant up to ₹ 3 lakh per employment exchange for IT infrastructure enhancement.

(b) One-time grant up to ₹ 5 lakh per employment exchange for refurbishing the office complex.

(c) A grant of up to ₹ 2 lakh per job fair per quarter to be organized at the District level.

The proposals of State Governments which broadly includes Financial Requirement - State level, Basic Details of Employment Exchanges, Requirement in IT Infrastructure and Refurbishing, Job Fair Details etc. were considered for granting the Grant-in-Aid.  For States having ICT based integrated systems for the employment exchanges, web services have been created for inter-linking state databases with the NCS Portal. However, the component Interlinking of Employment Exchanges of NCS Scheme was not continued during 15th Financial Cycle.

As of now, 28 States have completed the process of Integration including 7 States/UTs which are directly registering on the portal.

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More Files
S. No. Subject Download File Size Date
1 Result for the position of Young Professionals (Batch X) Download pdf 122 KB 2023
2 Young Professionals Currently in Positions  Download pdf 571 KB 2023
3 Result for the position of Young Professionals (Batch IX) Download pdf 133 KB 2023
4 List of MCCs approved in the 6th Meeting Phase-3 Download pdf 1.10 MB 26/12/2022
5 YP Details 6th And 7th Batch Publish 11th November 2022  Download pdf 69 KB 11/11/2022
6 List of MCCs approved in the 5th Meeting Phase-3 Download pdf 2.38 MB 21/10/2022
7 List of MCCs approved in the 4th meeting Phase-3  Download pdf 368 KB 20/09/2022
8 List of MCCs approved in the 3rd meeting Phase-3  Download pdf 2.66 MB 05/07/2022
9 Guidelines amendment  Download pdf 1.11 MB 29/06/2022
10 List of MCCs approved in the 2nd meeting Phase-3  Download pdf 2.06 MB 29/04/2022
11 List of MCCs approved in the 1st meeting Phase-3  Download pdf 1.09 MB 24/03/2022
12 MCC Guidelines March 2022  Download pdf 997 KB 16/03/2022
13 Result for the position of Young Professionals Batch VIII  Download pdf 157 KB 2022
14 Guidelines for the engagement of Young Professionals in DGE-reg  Download pdf 654 KB 2022
15 List of 407(including 7 non-funded) Model Career Centres  Download pdf 410 KB 2022
16 IL Guideline May2016  Download pdf 597 KB 2016
17 MCC Guidline Dec2014  Download pdf 554 KB 10/12/2014