National & International Employment Matters/Employment Generation Schemes /MP(G) Section

                                                           (A) Employment generation matters

  • Collection & Compilation of information from various Ministries/Departments including NITI Aayog on implementation of employment generation programmes/schemes 
  • Parliament Questions & Assurances  on Employment Generation matters
  • All matters pertaining to Private Members Bills tabled by the  Members of Parliament (MPs), Calling Attention Notices,  Short duration discussions,  Private Members Resolutions,  Matter raised by the MPs on various issues under rule 377,  Matter raised by the MPs under Special Mention,  Cut motions given by the MPs on the Budget  on the subjects assigned to DGE.
  • Examination of reports and Retunes on the legislative proposals and other business in the Parliament Sessions. 
  • Supply of information to the Lok Sabha Secretariat/Rajya Sabha Secretariat on employment and Unemployment matters of the use of Indian delegation attending the various inter Parliamentary/conferences/Committees.
  • To solicit information from other Ministries/State Governments/Sections for Parliament Question.

                                               (B) National /International Employment Matters

  • All matters connected with employment generation programmes/ schemes of DGE like ABRY, PMRPY, etc.
    1. Preparation of Cabinet Note, Budgetary matters of ABRY, Release of funds etc. 
    2. Demand for Grants i.r.o. LokSabha/Rajya Sabha Standing Committee Report, , Audit of CAG & Internal wing of MoLE.
    3. Analysis of data of ABRY/PMRPY, MoLE dashboard, Prayas Portal, DGQI portal,  Third Party Evaluation of ABRY etc.
    4. Liaisons with EPFO, PaO, Pr. AO, PFMS team, IFD, FinMin, CBDT, B&A Section, Coordination (DGE & MoLE), M&E Unit, MoLE, Ministries/Departments of GOI​​
  • Examination of various suggestions/proposals/reports on employment/unemployment received from the International Agencies like the ILO, ARPLA, ARTEP, UNDP, BRICS, ADB, etc. from time to time.
  • Matters related to International Labour Conference, National Labour Conference, State Labour conference pertaining to DGE 
  • Follow up actions on ILO/Seminars/Workshops.
  • National Labour Conferences like Indian Labour Conference, Standing Loabur Committee and State Labour Minister’s.
  • Specific issues relates to comments and relevant replies to Ministries/Departments on BRICS/WTO/OECD
  • Decent Work Country Programmes.
  • G-20 Employment Working Groups(EWG)
  • Central Employment Guarantee Council (CEGC).
  • Study and analysis of various reports on Employment of providing comments/views.
  • Comments/Views on employment related MOUs.
  • Comments/views on cabinet note/EFC/SFC related to on employment issues. 
  • Correspondences form ILAS Section in respect of comments on various ILOs Ratified/Ungratified Conventions, CEACR regarding Observations on Conventions on the agenda of ILC, Country Partnership Framework (CPF) and other reports by World Bank Group, OECD Reports, ILOs Global Dialogue Forum etc.
  • PGs, RTIs, VIP references, etc. on related subjects