Who's who

Office of Hon'ble Minister
Name Designation Email ID Phone Number Room Number
Shri Bhupender Yadav Hon'ble Minister minoffice-mole@nic.in 23717515, 23710240 120
Shri Amar Singh, IRS Private Secretary pstominister-mole@gov.in 23717515, 23710240 119A
Shri Nitin Sangwan Assistant Private Secretary nksmole@gmail.com 23717515, 23710240 118
Shri Gaurav Khare Additional Private Secretary 23717515, 23710240 118-A
Shri Siddharth Yadav Assistant Private Secretary siddharth.yadav@gov.in 23717515, 23710240 118-A
Ms. Smriti Prasad Assistant Private Secretary 23717515, 23710240
Shri Deepak Kumar Tiwari 1st PA 23717515, 23710240 118
Office of Hon'ble Minister of State
Name Designation Email ID Phone Number Extn. Room Number
Shri Rameswar Teli Minister of State rameswar.teli@sansad.nic.in 23720013 1515 112
Dr. Bhageerath Choudhary IRS Additional Private Secretary bhageerath.86@gov.in 23720013 1515 109-A
Shri Bhabesh Sarmah Officer on Special Duty bhabesh.68@gov.in 23720013 1515 109
Secretary (L&E) Office
Name Designation Email ID Phone Number Extn. Room Number
Shri Sunil Barthwal Secretary (L&E) secy-labour@nic.in 23710265 2101 104
Shri Umed Singh PPS 23710265 2119 103-D
Shri Maniknandan Nair PPS 23710265 2012 103-D
Shri Hemraj PA 23710265 2019 103-C
Shri Ramesh PA 23710265 2112 103-C
Additional Secretary (L&E)/ Director General of Employment
Name Designation Email ID Phone Number Extn. Room Number
Dr. Shashank Goel Directorate General (DG) as-labour@nic.in 23710178 2102 110
- Shri Sunder Lal PPS 23710178 2127 107
Deputy Director General (Employment)
Name Designation Email ID Phone Number Extn. Room Number
Shri Amit Nirmal DDG(EMP) ddg-dget@nic.in 23350896 2226 511
- Smt. Kusum Lata PPS k.lata1971@nic.in 23350896 2228 511
Director (Employment)
Name Designation Email ID Phone Number Extn. Room Number
Dr. Shikha Anand Director (Emp) diremp.dge@gov.in 23716845 2037 324
Smt. Sapna Private Secretary 23716845 1289 332
Other Officers
Name Designation Email ID Phone Number Extn. Room Number
Shri Om pal Singh Joint Director(Emp) Ompal.singh63@nic.in 23473171 2340 6
Sh. Aswani Kumar Joint Director(Emp) Aswani-cirtes@gov.in 23313086 1113 5-A
Dr. Aquib Javed Joint Director(Emp) Aquib.javed76@nic.com 23313086 2521 335
Dr. Shailja Singh Joint Director(Emp) Shailja.singh76@gov.in 23713911 2574 228-C
Sh. Satpal Sharma Deputy Secretary Satpalsharma.edu@nic.in 23718903 1780 327
Sh. Raj Muni Deputy Director (Emp) raj.muni@nic.in 23313912 1111 228-C
Ms. Monica Kumawat Deputy Director kumawat.monica74@gov.in 2203 6 A
Sh. G.K. Kalra Under Secretary gk.kalra@nic.in 23708073 2357 3223
Sh. Arunjay kumar Under Secretary Arunjay.kumar@nic.in 23473351 2351 332
Sh. Arun Kumar Biswas Under Secretary Ak.biswas57@nic.in 23708073 2357 323
Sh. B. Mohanty Assistant Director (Emp) vmohanty@nic.in 23712878 2366 05
Sh. Jitender kumar Assistant Director (Emp) jitender@nic.in 23322485 2583 228-C
Sh. Kuldeep Aswal Assistant Director (Emp) aswalji.kuldeep@gov.in 23312486 1768 332
Sh. V.S. Negi Section Officer (Adm.II) Vikrams.negi@nic.in 23731398 2367 330
Shri Chander Mohan Assistant Director (Rajbhasha) c.mohan34@nic.in 23766374 2165 335-C
Sh. G.K. Pillai Section Officer (Adm.III) Gk.pillaimol@nic.in 23473363 2363 332
Sh. G.K. Pillai DDO(Cash) Gk.pillaimol@nic.in 23765050 2034 321
Shri Ram Kumar Napit Sub-Regional Employment Officer ramkumar.napit79@nic.in 228-C
Shri R. Rubal Kumar Sub-Regional Employment Officer rubal.kumar65@gov.in 228-C
Shri Sanjay Kumar Sub-Regional Employment Officer sanjayrajpal101@gmail.com 228-C
Shri R. Bhutani Senior Statistical Officer bhutani.rajesh@nic.in 6 A
Mrs. Pinki Research Officer pinki.46@gov.in 6 A
Shri Lalit Kumar Senior Statistical Officer lalit.kr39@gov.in 228-C
Shri Radhey Shyam Sharma Senior Statistical Officer radhes1965@gmail.com 2176 6
Shri Siddhartha Nagar Senior Statistical Officer siddh.nagar@gov.in 228-C
Shri S L Mang Senior Statistical Officer slmang.vaiphei@gov.in 228-C
Ms. Jyoti Senior Statistical Officer jyoti.87@nic.in 5
Shri Pankaj Kumar Senior Statistical Officer baranwal.pk@nic.in 228-C
Ms. Minakshi Senior Statistical Officer minakshi.dgsnd@gov.in 335-C
Shri Parveen Thakran Senior Statistical Officer p.thapram@gov.in 228-C
Ms. Nidhi Sharma Senior Statistical Officer nidhi.sachdeva82@nic.in 5
Shri SP. Poukendinbou Senior Statistical Officer pouken.83@gov.in 23319783 335-C
Smt. Meetu Malhotra Senior Statistical Officer mitu.malhotra@gov.in 5
Dr. Shakshi Sharma Psychologist 5
Smt. Shalini Bansal DEO Gr B vyoma.bansal@gmail.com 6 A
Ms. Pallavi Rout Assistant Employment Officer pallpraut738@gmail.com 228-C