Allocation of work to EE-II Section (Admin)

EE-II Section (Admin) / DGE, has been assigned to works related to mainly Administrate work of Group B/C) of NCSC for DA across the country. Further, the work handled by the EE-II Section is as under:

Work Assigned

  • All type cases related to Gazetted & Non-Gazetted officials of NCSCs for DA. I.e. Recruitment.
  • Promotion, Maintenance of Seniority List; Financial! Up-gradation cases Revival of posts; creation of posts.
  • Forwarding of application for direct recruitments and deputation Transfer and Posting continuation / conversion of posts.
  • Various Complaints (i.e. PG, etc. ) received in EE-II Section Revision of RRs
  • Declaration of H00 & DDO, LTC cases; TA Bills; Medical bills in r/o Go — ‘A'/'B /'C' of the Centres.
  • Maintenance of APARs (Psychologist and Rehabilitation Officer having H00 Charge of Centres, i.e. Gp-B (G) only); Expunction remarks/ grading in APARs.
  • Permission/NOC/Foreign visit for passport. Service book Leave entries, Court Cases / LIMBS monitoring / updater; ROI. Matters Audit Pares.
  • Proposal related to Minor Works.
  • Hiring services by outsourcing.      
  • Condemnation of obsolete items of NCSC for DA.
  • GPF cases; HBA cases; Purchase proposals; Advances for computers Parliament questions (With the help of dealing hands concerned).
  • Circulation/compilation/forwarding of all types of information to Cord Section/DGE, like:Monthly reports/information required by Main Ministry, in r/o GEM; e-Samiksha, etc (before 5 h day of every month),
  • Quarterly reports/information in r/o SC/ST; 56J; Hindi Report.
  • Half yearly reports/information in r/o Est. Data. Representation; MIM;
  • Yearly reports/information in r/o Assets of Employees; Swachchata Pakhawada; Patel Jayanti, etc. Other reports/information required by the Cord Section/DGE on direction Main Secretariat / MoL&E