General NCSC SC/ST Reports

General NCSC SC/ST Reports
S.No. Subject Download Date
1 Office Order No.32/2024 : Promotion order of Shri Yogeshwar Kumar Yadav, SREO. Download pdf 204.32 KB
2 Instructions regarding implementation of Aadhar Enable Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS) for attendance of all Government employees, by Various Ministries/ Departments/Organizations. Download pdf 251.26 KB
3 Office Order No.24 of 2024 : Shri Manish Kumar Diwaker, Under Secretary has reported for joining on 13.5.2024(FN), therefore, he has been taken on the strength of DGE , Ministry of Labour & Employment Download pdf 265.2 KB
4 Amendment of Recruitment Rules for the post of Instructor (Stenography) Group 'B' Post in National Career Service Centre for SC/STs under the DGE Download pdf 1.09 MB
5 Revision of Recruitment Rules for the post of Vocational Instructor of NCSCs for DA.-reg Download pdf 2.39 MB
6 Delegation of Financial Powers to the Head of Offices of NCSC for DA and NCSC for SC/STs under DGE. Download pdf 1.73 MB
7 Office Order No-05/2024 : Shri Gopal Saran, A.E.O. has joined the promotional post of SREO in the NCSC for SC/STs, Jammu Download pdf 177.28 KB
8 Annual General Transfer drive 2024 for Officers/officials working in the NCSC for SC/STs Download pdf 186.47 KB
9 Office Order No-02/2024 : Repatriation order of Shri Shabaz Chowdhary,SREO,NCSC for SC/ST, Jammu. Download pdf 81.11 KB
10 Office Order No.88 of 2023: Shri Gopal Saran, Assistant Employment Officer is promoted to the post of Sub-Regional Employment Officer(Group 'B'- Gazetted)(Level 7) on regular basis in the National Career Service Center for SC/STs Download pdf 92.01 KB