Plan & Coordination(E)

  • Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour & Employment
  • Framing reply concerning the Directorate of Employment on the basis of inputs provided by concerned sections, Answer to the further supplementary questions on Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour.
  • Parliament Matters
  • Supply of information relating to Rajya Sabha &Lok Sabha questions. Information regarding Govt. Business to be transacted in Session Parliament, Issues likely to be raised in Parliament Sessions.
  • Budget & Related Matters
  • Preparation & Consolidation of BE, RE & FE in respect of NCSC for DA, NCSC for SC/STs, NCS, PMRPY & ABRY, Supplementary Demands for Grants, Questionnaires, Power points, Preparation & Consolidation of Outcome Budget, Monthly Expenditure Statement in respect of plan schemes, Cash Management System in the Central Government - Modified exchequer control based expenditure management.
  • Annual Report
  • Preparation & Consolidation of material for Annual Report in respect of DGE, Book of Labour Statistics, Citizen’s/Client’s Charter Annual Report.
  • Project & Schemes of Ministry of Labour & Employment-  Supply of Information
  • RTI matters –RTI  replies & RTI Appeal matter

Miscellaneous Matters:

  • Material for Secretary/Senior Officer in respect of Directorate of Employment.
  • Material/Brief of Schemes etc. for Hon’ble Minister and other senior officers, Two/three/Four years achievement in respect of Directorate of Employment, Supply of Information on audit report, VIP references, material for President address , Consolidation of Job Fairs details of MCCs, Major achievement of DGE(SCHEMES), Organizing meeting of DGE, Disposal of pending VIP references , Development Action Plan for Scheduled Castes (DAPSC) of the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Vetting of Sections of Economic Survey.

Coordination of all other matters pertaining  to DGE in which two or more sections are involved.