Budget & Parliament Section

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Part-I – Budget & Audit Section


Preparation of Budget Estimate, Revise Estimate and Final Estimate specifically pertaining to DGE(HQ) and Subordinate office.


Checking of Final Grant Statements and Appropriation Accounts received from Chief Controller of Accounts.


Re-appropriation/Re-distribution of funds received from DGE(HQ) and Subordinate office.


Supplementary Demands for Grants/Advances from Contingency Fund.


Preparation   of    Performance Budget/outcome Budget



Updation of quarterly/monthly expenditure statement from Subordinate Offices and Sections concerned at Hqrs.


Preparation of Assets Register and Establishment Strength and provision thereof


Interest   bearing   Loans and Advances (HBA, Computer) to Govt. Servants, etc. received from DGE(HQ) and Subordinate office


Settlement     of    outstanding paras of inspection reports and Audit objection received from the   Accountants' General, Internal Audit   in respect of subordinate officers and DGE (Hqrs)


Part-II – Parliament Unit


Co-ordination work in respect of Parliament Questions/ Assurances and allied references received from other Ministries / Departments and work relating to Parliamentary Committees


Time-bound work during the Parliament Session:-

  1. Duplication of copies of replies to the each question in English and Hindi, and equal number of copies of Annexure/Statements attached to the replies.
  2. Separation of unclear and blank copies.
  3. Making of bilingual sets of replies to Starred/Unstarred Questions.
  4. Forwarding of complete sets of replies to the Parliament Question to Lok Sabha/ Rajya Sabha and P.M.O.
  5. Uploading of soft copy to the Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha portal.
  6. Arrangement of Gallery Passes in respect of concerned Officers on during session and each question day.
  7. Comparison of the reply with the original copy approved by the Hon’ble Minister.
  8. Liasoning work with Parliament Unit (MS) Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha etc.