1.         Reimbursement/Advance of Medical Bills

2.         Reimbursement of Telephone Bills of Officers

3.         Reimbursement of Tuition Fee/Children Education Allowances

4.         Reimbursement of Office Bags Bills

5.         Payment of Domestic Airlines Bills

6.         Payment of Petrol Bills of Staff Car

7.         Engagement of Private Taxi Services and their Payments

8.         Payment of MTNL Bills.

9.         Payment of Canteen Bills

10.       House Building Advance

11.       GPF Withdrawal and Advance

12.       Computer Advance

13.       Procurement and Payment of Books/Magazines/News Paper in Library

14.       Maintenance of staff cars

15.       Procurement of all items/services through Gem.

16.       GPRA-acceptance & forwarding application through esampada

17.       Annual Maintenance of all office equipment (computer, photocopier, air conditioner, electrical items, furniture items etc.)  installed at DGE Hqrs..

18.       Audit Paras pertaining to Adm.III Section.

19.       Issuance of parking levels

20.       Distribution of Stationery/sanitary items.

21.       Maintenance of Stores

22.       Maintenance of stock register

23.       Matter pertaining to Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

24.       Any other work/misc. work assigned by Officers to Adm.III Section from time to time

25.       Auction of Condemned stores/items

26.       Sitting arrangement of officers/staff

27.       Relocation of Office of DGE Jam Nagar House to Shram Shakti Bhawan.